Have you ever seen a rubber band or a chewing gum? It’s the same. A stretchable, twistable and foldable battery that can be the key to create thinner future foldable phones and displays.

A professor, named, Markus Niederberger, at ETH Zurich Technical University in Switzerland, came up with a stretchable battery.

As the name hints, these batteries would be, stretchable, foldable, and twistable, making it the ideal choice for smartphones and tablets with unusual form factors. Think of a next-gen Samsung Galaxy Fold or Huawei Mate X without battery limitations in the design language. Incredible, right? (I’m already excited, haha)

Let’s see how it works?
Do you remember the working of the battery our teacher taught us in secondary schools?

They came up with a new electrolyte — is the medium used by lithium-ions to travel in one direction or the other depending on how the energy is flowing. Like regular batteries, the stretchable invention is also built like a lasagna, using layers as this image shows:
Scientists Developed Stretchable Battery for Foldable Phones

For those curious to know the materials used, the anode used in the battery is made of vanadium oxide while the cathode is made of lithium manganese. Microscopic silver flakes have been added inside these surfaces to function as a conductive layer.

The battery isn’t ready for commercialization or mass production because scientists are still figuring out an adhesive to keep the layered sandwich sealed for a long time. Even while the electrolyte is not toxic and flammable — like today’s hard batteries’ — you don’t want your battery to spill water and salt into your phone’s guts.

What do you think about this amazing discovery?


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