In today’s fast running world, no one wants anything slow, be it the drives or any gadget in use. The most used device, that is your phone, be it any software, everyone prefers to have one which is running at a great speed and doesn’t hang without a good reason. But, intentionally or unintentionally, we tend to stuff our phones with such applications, which make it slow and slowest gradually.

Thus, just to keep your phones in the best of its state, we roll out some ways which most of you won’t be aware and therefore will help you make your device clean and fast.

Tricks and Tips To Fasten Up Your Phone

  • Keep Important applications only as the rest are garbage. Always keep the apps that you use on a daily bases. Stuffing your device with useless applications only burdens the software due to which it becomes tough for the device to keep its running speed.

  • Pick up a lighter version of applications if possible. It not only uses lesser space but also keeps the phone clean and light.

  • Update your phone on a regular basis. It makes the device hold lesser space and thus making it easy to use and run. But don’t overdo it

  • Do a simple restart every now or then. If possible, let the phone run completely out of battery thereby giving it a better way to use.

  • Store all your images, videos or stories on the cloud and make sure to keep your device, the internal memory stress-free. Burdening your device’s internal memory will for sure slow down your phone heaps and bounds which may also lead to hanging up of the device on a regular basis, thus destroying the device.

  • Do not overdo applications on your home screen. Keep it minimalistic.

  • Install all applications on the SD card as install apps on the internal memory is that it’s considerably faster and reliable than most external SD cards. And that’s probably one of the reasons why premium smartphones like iPhone and Pixel don’t have an SD card slot.

  • Last but not least, opt for factory resetting if nothing works.

You can consider it if your device has slowed down to the level that can’t do basic things.

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There are two ways to reset on your Android device. The first is to visit Settings and use the factory reset option present there. This would perform a soft reset of your device which involves resetting device settings and wiping all the data like your photos, videos, apps, cache, etc.

For deeper cleaning, you’ll have to boot into recovery mode and hard reset the device. After you turn off the phone, on most Android devices, recovery mode can be accessed by pressing Power and Volume Down button for around 5 to 10 seconds.

So these were some very quick and to-do tips which may help you run your device faster than the usual.

There are numerous issues that one device may face and we tend to overlook it and thus end up damaging our device.

Therefore, keep a watch clear on your respective devices and give them a great life!


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