Interesting Facts About Tinder and Online Dating!

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    “Eww, NO!” yelled Shreshtha and burst into laughter as her friend Tara swiped left on Tinder, the most famous online dating application. With virtual dating taking over, chats replacing the talks, reading profiles to know each other and getting location-specific matches; a new trend has come. Swipe left, slide right and find your soul mate! Oh yeah, too simple.

    But wait, is it really that simple?

    Online Dating: A Horrifying Bandwagon?

    Online dating started way back in 1959 when Stanford University students devised a questionnaire that made matches based on answers provided. However, if history is evident in the existence of online dating way too back, it is also evidence of the existence of fraud profiles on such dating applications. I mean, come on how many people have made their profile on Tinder with a perfectly edited picture and added in their bio “looking for true love” while they were already dating someone. According to the statistics, the proportion of women with fake display pictures or bio-data(regarding occupation or finance) is more than that of men. Their friends apparently form these either to help or deceive them.:O Also, women spend more time on such applications, going through the profiles and swiping though the women to men ratio do not vary much(47 women to 53 men)

    Moreover, most of the remaining people join these platforms to boost their otherwise low self-esteem or find friends to do away their loneliness.

    Besides this, studies suggest that most of the people join Tinder or any other online dating app to “have fun” rather than a partner. For sure these are not to be negated as the sex crimes after the online dating came into the scene have duly increased by a large percentage. Clearly, it is easier to ditch someone over the online-network by ending all the contacts and disappearing digitally. This is called ‘ghosting‘. After all, about 25% of people talk to multiple matches at the same time.

    Do not turn sad if you do not end up being on the real date with the person you match online. It happens about 1/3rd of the time.

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    All You Need to Know About Tinder

    Not everything these dating sites like Tinder claim is true and not everything that these dating sites do not claim is not bound to happen. Putting it simply, there are secrets you need to know!

    Tinder facts, interesting facts about tinder, online dating facts, interesting facts about tinder and online dating, tinder shopnani, how many users of tinder, best time to swipe right on tinder
    1. The developers of Tinder are successful college drop-outs! Here we have another story of how success lies in the wit.

    2. Tinder in its initial years was only available for college campuses. It was believed love grows where the youth goes. 😉 However, its reach later widened to ensure monetary gains.

    3. Over 50 million people use Tinder and with that in-store, over more than 10 billion swipes happen in a day. Have you ever got your dream match?

    4. Tinder supports the LGBTQ community and ensures philanthropy for the wedding of one such couple if they matched through tinder. Amazing, isn’t it?

    5. Despite all the claims that tinder makes about ‘perfect match’, studies reveal that possessing the same likes and dislikes do not ensure compatibility and long-loyal relationship.

    6. Now this is no surprise that the matches increase by a significant percentage near Valentine’s day.

    7. Studies have revealed that evenings in early weekdays i.e. Monday, Tuesday, etc find more matches than on weekends. (Go, fix your time!)

    8. Tinder has developed an internal rating system that rates profiles of its users based on ‘desirability’ which affects the matches.

    9. Although Tinder does not create a way for racism, sadly enough Asian women and black men hardly find any match.

    No matter how wrong or right the facts might sound, Tinder is the most used online dating application. It has undoubtedly made some of the perfect matches on the Earth.

    Online dating has definitely taken over the heart to heart meeting. But what I am sure of is finding a person online and developing a connection is not a bad idea. Online dating apps are cupid between the couples, facilitating the social bond and creating a new definition of love.

    What is your take on online dating? Let us know in the comment section below!



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