Dwindling finances due to lockdown during COVID-19 Pandemic is creating spasm of fear within the people as the coming days might see a reduction in basic amenities with the households, increased prices of the commodities with barely any income to fend themselves. The pandemic has hit small businesses, the hardest! However, a little side hustle might help people to do away with the troubles, in terms of finances. This requires a creative outlook to look beyond your horizons. It is necessary to adapt to the situation by doing what you already excel at to earn.

So these are the ways I believe you can earn a little income by:

Be a Coronapreneur!

“Necessity is the mother of taking chances”, is a well-known adage by Mark Twain.

Well, this is the time we stand by it and let our ingenious minds think about the needs of the world and try to provide the same. If you are a software junkie, develop ways to facilitate online learning or bring on some mode of recreation for the teenagers! If you have a way for scientific innovations, ponder upon what you can provide to the ‘corona market’, maybe a replacement for sanitizers (you can manufacture at home and supply to the market!) or some sanitized hand gloves! Who knows, you might turn to be a reputed scientist, because of your vital discovery?! 😉

For instance, recently a student from IIT Delhi claims to have developed ‘infection-proof-fabric’ to be used in hospitals as it is said to kill 99.9 per cent of pathogens in a couple of hours. Incredible, isn’t it?

Likewise, even if you do not go for putting your brain into large discoveries, you can always look for small items you can provide to the market and resort to the same. Sanitizers, masks, gloves being some examples of the same.

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Be an Intern!

With ‘work from home’, becoming a need of the hour, many companies are looking for interns to help them out with small jobs and might pay you quite well. You can look for such companies through mediator websites like Internshala, letsintern, etc. Here, you can easily specify the kind of internships you are looking for and can get notified about the openings. Well, I think you can look up for internships in following spheres :

  1. CONTENT WRITING: Well if you think you have an edge for writing over others you can apply for such internships. You might be able to find certain companies running blogs. There might be some institute looking for an intern to make question papers. Choose your area of interest and apply!
  2. DATA ENTRY: If you excel the art of managing data through databases, these might just fit your requirement perfectly. After all, making some figures by managing certain figures, is not a bad idea!
  3. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: Does social media interests you? Is writing catchy slogans your thing? Then why not make some money while having fun. Associate yourself with a company and help them in marketing their products and services through a social media platform.
  4. VIDEO EDITING: These days, content creators might be looking for a helping hand to provide their maximum through online media. If you excel the art of editing, try looking out for such internships. I assure you, there are many. 🙂

Well, these are just a few work areas, I bet there are many others ranging from digital marketing to accounting. Look for your area of interest and knowledge and try putting your best into getting hands on an internship! Apart from helping you to get some money, these will boost your skills. This is helpful for my student friends out there!

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Be a Tutor!

Do you like teaching? If yes, then this one is for you. Be a tutor, online! Well, with everything going on through networking, studies see no wait. Schools seem to have taken the necessary steps towards online lectures. Yet there is always a requirement of some personal attention to a student. Help them with their learning process by being a tutor.

Well, it is not necessary to help children out with studies. You can help them acquire a skill online. For instance, a friend of mine aces the artwork (be it fabric painting or doodling). So recently, she advertised online painting classes through her social media handle. And believe it or not, 12 students enrolled within 3 days (i.e. 6000 at the end of the month!). Too little but too enough, for the hard times.

Make money in Quarantine

Well to state it in simple terms, the aim is to make this time productive for ourselves as well as for others by providing our services, the things we master at. So as to fulfill our needs by generating some income in this entire process. So, here we accomplish the dual purpose!

Do you have any other ideas in mind to make some money in the quarantine period? Share with us in the comment section below!


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