There are days nostalgia hits us harder. The everyday stress has taken over our lives and in this myriad of thoughts, so vulnerable, we wish to relive our childhood days. How many times have you prayed for the discovery of a time machine to lead you back in those times?!

During this quarantine period and work from home strategies, you have enough time in your hands. Though you might not have the benefit of time machine yet, you definitely have the advantage of technology helping you to relax those spasm of nostalgia. Why do not you live a few days of quarantine you used to as kids? Obviously, the entire same routine is a distant dream. But you can at least play your favourite games with your family or watch the TV shows you used to.

Yeah, you heard it right! Watch the shows you used to online. With digital media taking over the television, some of these shows are uploaded online on various platforms. Below listed are the ones I am crazy about, check them out!

1. Malgudi Days

The series was adapted from a collection of stories written by R.K. Narayan in his book Malgudi Days. The small stories based in rural India came with simple lessons and taught the generation how one can be simple yet smart, rooted yet developing, with fewer resources yet happy.

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2. Aahat

Okay, if you ever watched this serial, you are imagining yourself curled up in a corner with your pillow. Yes, that scary it was! With all the paranormal activities and your encounter with ghosts, zombies, witches through TV as a kid did knock the wind out of you. Did not it?

Experience the horror again on YouTube.

3. Chandrakanta

Set as per the norms of ancient India, focusing on love lives in monarchy flourishing amidst prince and princess of 2 rival kingdoms, the show gave details of the history of India. It was the family time as you sat glued to the television witnessing one of the greatest love stories of that time.

Watch the show online on YouTube.

4. Son Pari

We all have always dreamed of encountering a Pari to fly with, fulfill our wishes from, and most importantly ask her to help us during minor adversities. Well, the show made us think that such an encounter is possible and then we set our trail in search of a gem which on rubbing summons a fairy. Obviously this was to create disappointment and shatter our fantasy. But the show never let us down.

Encounter your fairy again on YouTube.

5. Small Wonder

With time many robot shows have been made but nothing can match the aura of this one. The little robot girl, made in the lab and then adopted as a daughter gave us chills with her powers and most importantly not-so-expressive eyes. But we loved the wonder of ‘Small Wonder’ with all our heart.

Watch it again here.

6. Takeshi’s Castle

For everyone who loves adventure along with comical moments, the show gave them a good time. The contestants used to take up game challenges for a cash prize in an attempt to reach the castle and defeat Takeshi. One of the ultimate shows!

Watch it again here.

7. Hannah Montana

90’s kid or not, honestly, we all have been Miley Cyrus fans. And since she has portrayed the role of Hannah in the show, I have been quite fascinated by her. The story revolved around a teenage girl living a double life, as a normal school girl and as a famous pop star, trying to disguise her true identity. Well, the show made me crave to have a life like hers. Funny, because my singing abilities are worse than that of a crow! 😛 Well, everything aside, I just craved to have a walk-in wardrobe like hers. Fair enough, is it? 😉

The show established Cyrus as ‘Teen Idol’, an identity well deserved.

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8. That’s So Raven

With Raven, the protagonist of the show possessing clairvoyant powers, she welcomed many troubles along her way to avert the mishaps, she had envisioned. More than we enjoyed the show, we wished to have such psychic abilities. And also that excitement upon hearing all the, “Oh Snap’s” or “Ya Nasty’s” is unmeasurable. If there is any show that taught you life lessons at a very young age, then this is it. Pursuing your goals without disappointment and looks do not matter, are the values I gained. (Let me know what did you learn from the show in the comment section below!)

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9. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

How many of you remember singing it along, “This is the suite life, we have got a suite life”? Almost everyone, yeah? The huge suite Zack and Cody lived in was in itself a magical sight and a happening dream. We all have doubled up of laughter this show had to give us. And the facial expressions of some actors are worth binge-watching for (yes I am speaking Dylan and Cole!). After all, how did we all learn to solve the problems simply?

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10. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Who does not love superheroes? And honestly, being a savior of the world and its people has always been our heart’s desire. As kids, we named it being a ‘Power Ranger’. Packed with action scenes, giant monsters and cheesy lines, the show had a lot to give to the kids. We all had crush on either of the rangers, mine being the red one. I remember having a T-Shirt of the same kind, did you?

You can watch it on Netflix.

11. Wizards of Waverly Place

No matter how eerie the name sounds, there was nothing less than humour the show offered. The 3 wizard kids under training to master it all and inherit the family wand, was what the story was about. But it kept kids and teenagers glued. With all the wizard training stuff, the show made us realize the realities of life. For instance, how members of a family do not perfectly bond but fight and grow.

To all the sarcastic beings out there, check it out here.

12. Shararat – Thoda Jaadu Thodi Nazaakat

Magical power is all that we have wished for since our childhood. Reading minds, turning people to donkeys, getting wings, and whatnot. So looking at women from three generations, muttering incantation did leave us in awe. Looking at the bickering between characters, teeny-tiny mistakes in magical spell leading to mishaps did make our childhood fun.

Watch the magic taking shape again here on YouTube.

13. Shaktimaan

The show was an embodiment of fun, fantasy, spiritual powers, education, ethics, science, and much more. With Shaktimaan being the first superhero of Indian Television, we learned realities of the world by him. Kalyuga and end of evil was the first thing next being the importance of yoga. We can not be thankful enough for the same to the superhero.

Watch your favourite super hero again on YouTube.

14. Shaka Laka Boom Boom

Okay, I am quite sure after you read the name of the show you are thinking of that ‘Shaka Laka Boom Boom’ Pencil you bought and were crazy about. 🙂 After all, not every pencil brings things to life, so how you could have missed a chance with this one. The adventures of the kid with the magic pencil was not something you would miss.

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15. Dragon Ball Z

This was the most favourite anime of yours if you were addicted to thrill, action, and drama. This was the sequel of Dragon Ball but was far more interesting as Goku along with his companions defended the Earth against villains With all the mystical power the show had more than adventure to present.

Watch it here on Amazon Prime.

16. Ben 10

You, were “cool” if you grew up watching Ben 10, or at least your friends would say so. A kid turning to aliens to fight the evil aliens because of a watch that stuck on his hand. Now that is some serious and entertaining plot. After all, it fascinated you so much that you ended up buying all the Ben 10 toys, video games, merchandise, did not you?

Watch the cartoon all over again on Amazon Prime.

17. Pokemon

Pokemon was not just a show, but an era for avid followers. Honestly the words “PIKA PIKA”, still echo in my mind as I think of it. The fight between pocket monsters was a sight to enjoy as we almost screamed if any of them lost. Those were the days of glory and fun!

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These shows are still my guilty pleasures. Are they yours? Also let me know which ones are your favourite and if I am missing any, in the comment section below! Till then binge-watch and have fun 🙂

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