To benefit from the almost global lock down, Facebook has officially stepped into the gaming world!

It has launched its first game steaming app called Facebook Gaming. This standalone game streaming platform aims to take over Twitch and Youtube, however undoubtedly this will be a difficult task! But, Facebook has announced to set a wider array of titles and focus more in particular towards this.

The app was under development for 18 months and is currently available on Android, with an IOS counterpart expected to arrive in the next couple of months. According to the New York Times, Facebook stated that this platform would enable streams of gamers across the world to create and watch each other’s gaming.

The ‘Go Live’ feature allows gamers to stream their favourite gaming content and play instant games or take part in gaming groups. Besides, Twitter also states that Facebook Gaming app provides a more focused gaming experience, enabling gamers to have the best time.

On the other hand, the app is built around mobile gaming in order to avoid being the background window in a Chrome Tab. Facebook claims that the app doesn’t only allow its user to watch e-sports or gaming competitions, but will also allow others to take part in games with other users. Further, Facebook states that social engagement is the focus of the app, so that users can be interactive, bringing people together during these tough times.

The app uses Facebook’s database to send online invitations and find friends interested in this same platform. Its USP is its Live streaming feature, and with current high-levels of isolated users, this feature is to engage one other and ‘Go Live’.

Along with this highlighted feature, a second tab of the game offers its user to look into their friend’s activities and breakdown. Besides, it offers a final table that will enable one to utilize their chat platform to communicate with other gamers, during the gaming hours.

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A few observations of the app

The app utilizes a dark theme design, and it allows its user to only connect with their Facebook friends. Secondly, one of its main competitors is Twitch, and Facebook has utilized a more Twitch-style page by allowing people to stream games live on the app, which could be an issue. Thus, the Facebook gaming app fails to differentiate itself from its competitors at the moment, later perhaps leading it to fall back in the market.

So if you are looking for something to do while under quarantine or if you are bored with your current gaming platform, download and checkout Facebook Gaming!


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