Arguing about the mobile internet connection, obviously faster is always better. Today, we already have access to fast data speeds, and we can look forward to experiencing more as soon as 5G internet becomes operational. A fifth-generation wireless technology for digital cellular networks 5G will reign in even more wireless devices, not only phones and tablets but smart appliances and driverless vehicles too. 5G ensures that the wireless network can handle several users without slowing down the rates. However, This also means that users are more vulnerable to harmful radiation at an electromagnetic frequency (EMF), which is emitted by these gadgets, not to mention, the 5G towers itself.

5G network is coming, and not everyone is excited about it.

In April, the Belgian government halted a 5G test in Brussels over concerns that radiation from the base stations could be harmful. Dutch parliamentarians are also calling on the government to look more closely at 5G. Switzerland is taking steps to track the impact of 5G on people. New Hampshire is considering setting up a group of specialists in this field to investigate 5G’s health effects in the US.

Given the trend-setting headlines about this technological advance, 5G technology industry proponents argue that the electromagnetic frequency EMFs are on a safe level, emphasizing that the exposure to radiation is limited, and the devices are reliable. However, the National Toxicology Program also suggests otherwise. “Although we are only publishing rat findings from brain and heart, we continue to examine findings from our mouse experiments,” Bucher said. The observation of small but potentially significant rises in two forms of tumors, matching to those seen in most human epidemiology studies among the heaviest cellphone users.

Despite the different aspects of how we understand radiation and cancer risks. People should start caring about using protective products such as cases and headphones that block radiation from common sources such as smartphones, computers, and microwave ovens, to protect ourselves against cellphone radiation risks.


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