How to send WhatsApp messages using Google Assistant

How to Send WhatsApp Messages Using Google Assistant

Whatsapp is one of the globally accessed and popular messaging app which is commonly used by the majority of the people. Whatsapp...
netflix and chill

Netflix & Chill or Netflix & Kill?

The latest and the most used lingo amongst the millennials is Netflix & Chill but this generation is not understanding that this is actually a kill and not chill. People ranging from age 20 to 40 have been keeping themselves occupied with the latest series on Netflix or Prime by degrading their lives and health.
bypass blocked websites

How to access blocked websites for free

rst things first, If the link you are trying to visit is actually disabled on your laptop, you may be able to access it using the mobile version, IP address, or Google Translate of the website. However, in case you can not access sites that are blocked on your internet connection, use a VPN.

Achieve your New Year’s resolution using a mobile app

Change, transformation, and new beginnings are an essential part of human life. It's been 30 days since we started a new year. By the way, I might not have been able to wish and send happy new year greetings to you.
How long we will trust Google’s search results?

How long we will trust Google’s search results?

Google search has been a part of my daily life. A day cannot pass without browsing on the internet. Sometimes, the search result annoys me. For instance, I might receive tons of ads among my search results. Besides, Google Search helps me many times.

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