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A glimpse at the biggest technological advancements in 2020

Technology continues to shape the world; It's no doubt that it has brought comfort in the way we work, study, and live....
Edge browser extension

Microsoft Edge browser extensions

Today we use so many applications to complete our work. Some of the common companies whose products we use are Google, Microsoft, etc. How cool would it be: If we could add Gmail, Microsoft or any other app on the web browser of the new Microsoft Edge.
Samsung 1TB storage chips

Samsung is committed to bring 1TB storage chips for phones

It's no surprise today what a company like Samsung can do. Because of this, people are constantly curious about what's next whenever they introduce new technology, still. Today it is said that Samsung is striving to smoothen its customer experience.
Samsung’s artificial human project

What is the Samsung artificial human project?

Samsung’s subdivision STAR labs would be launching their artificial human project named “NEON” at Consumer Electronic Show 2020. Artificial human concepts...
uc browser cloud storage

UC Browser to launch in-app cloud storage service

The third-party mobile browser, UC Browser, plans to launch an in-app cloud storage service dubbed as UC Drive. The cloud-storage service...

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