Zoom Alternatives

3 Most Credible Zoom Alternatives For Video Conferencing

Is the corona virus pandemic making you miss out on things? Here are few of the video conferencing apps you could use to catch up with your friends, family and your workplace.
apple watch series

How Apple is able to sell more watches than the whole...

According to Strategy Analytics, Apple shipped an estimated 31 million watches compared to 21 million watches that the Swiss watch industry sold in 2019. So, Apple sold about 10 million watched more than the Swiss watch industry. What could be driving Apple's sales over the Swiss watch industry?
smartphone vs DSLR

Smartphone vs DSLR

A DSLR is a unanimous choice of each and every photography enthusiast, whenever you seek high-quality image resolution. However, with the everyday advancement of technology, today's day each and every smartphone comes with this special characteristic of an image resolution that tries to match the quality of these modern and advanced cameras.
google assistant vs apple siri

Is Google assistant smarter than Apple Siri?

Google and Apple have been investing a lot in virtual assistance. Over time, each virtual assistance shows massive improvements. But, between Google's Assistant and Apple's Siri, which one is smarter than the other?
Difference-Between RAM vs ROM

What matters more in your phone: RAM or ROM?

Aabha walks into a local phone shop to get a new phone for her 18th birthday. She's super excited—all her friends...

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