Getting started and setting up a profile on dating apps like Tinder is a simple process.

To set up a profile, you simply need to input your name, provide your location, your sexual preferences and you are good to go. It’s simple, right? Love is cute and most beautiful. Dating apps like Tinder helps you to connect with millions of singles in your vicinity and be able to find your matches without any geographical constraints.

While setting up your profile, you provide important personal data and you ultimately give access to your data especially if you use a free account. In addition, in the process of using the app, you provide and give up valuable personal information that can be monetized and used by other companies without your consent.

tinder is selling your data

A recent report revealed that Tinder, like other dating apps, shares user’s information and personal data with other third parties. Dating apps monetize their services by persuading their users to buy premium. However, the number of premium users are becoming low. Therefore, such dating apps find other ways of making money like selling user’s data to other companies for marketing reasons.

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In most cases, you are unaware of how your data is being used by another third party. It is possible that you may provide sensitive information and people like hackers can use them against you in several ways like email phishing. Remember that you are chatting with strangers, private messages can also go against you. Finn Myrastad, The NCC’s Director of Digital policy, said that “The extent of tracking makes it impossible for us to make informed choices about how our personal data is collected, shared and used.”

Many companies in the online advertising industry collect information about us from a variety of places for commercial purposes. This including web browsing, connected devices, and social media but mostly have access to these applications like Tinder. When combined, this data provides a complex picture of individuals, revealing what we do in our daily lives, our secret desires, and different highlights in our lives.

Tips on How To Use Dating Apps From An Internet Privacy Expert

According to an internet privacy expert from ProPrivacy, Jo O’Reilly, the following are the tips you need to follow to maintain the privacy of your data.

  1. Only sign up for apps that you have to pay for. Free apps are more likely to sell your data, O’Reilly said. 
  2. Use only your first name or a nickname as it makes you harder to identify if hackers access your account details.
  3. Don’t give away your home address, work address, phone number or email address in private messages, or when signing up. 
  4. Don’t let other users persuade you to continue conversations via another app like WhatsApp or Messenger. They could be trying to scam you, O’Reilly said. 
  5. Turn off location settings, or use them sparingly. 
  6. Use as little personal and identifiable information on your profile as possible. That includes displaying your education, employer or other identifiable markers.

It’s not just about the Dating Apps, your data could be at a stake. Take care of it, data is the new gold!


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