It has been five years since Amazon unveiled its digital assistant, Alexa and the voice-activated speaker, Echo. Amazon has invested millions of dollars in developing Alex. As the first mover in the digital assistant technologies, people were so moved and shaken by the advancement in technology. 

Who is Alexa or Echo?

The Amazon Echo is a speaker device that you connect to the internet via Bluetooth. Amazon Alexa or Echo can help you perform different tasks. What you have to do is only to call out loud “Alexa” and command it to do a task for you. You can command it to set the alarm for you or order anything on Amazon or make your shopping list.

Undoubtedly, Alexa serves as the now and future household virtual or digital assistant but is it worth your money?

New, advanced and rival to Alexa emerged into the market.

Before I help you answer the question if Alexa is worth your money, let me unveil to you other substitute and rivals to Alexa. Years later, Google and Apple released their digital assistant too. Google released Google Assistant while Apple also released Siri. Both Google Assistant and Siri operates on their operating systems(OS). Google Assistant can answer correctly to any of your questions you can ask it at an accuracy of 98%.

Is Amazon Alexa worth your money?

There are hundreds of reasons that say that Alexa is not worth your money. I have no intention to discredit the technological advancement, innovation and investment that Amazon did invest in developing Alexa. 

I intend to reveal the inefficiencies and loopholes of Alexa by which knock it out of the digital assistant technologies.

Based on a recent study conducted by an investment firm, Loup Ventures, Alexa lagged behind Google Assistant and Apple in the accuracy of answering questions. Alexa scored 80% on the accuracy of answering questions while Google Assistant and Alexa scored 93% and 83% respectively. One reason behind that is Alexa depends on a third party. To use Alexa, you need to install it on other apps, and its answers are based on Microsoft’s Bing resources.

Unfortunately, Alexa cannot text messages or make a call as compared to Google Assistant and Siri. If you are a prime customer to Amazon or a constant shopper, Alexa can be useful to you, but in most cases, it fails as a Search Engine Assistant.


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