About Us

This blog was made live on 1st January, 2017. At ShopNani – the name is English derived for “Nani of all Shops” – we specialize in news and reviews, updates and specifications, analysis of trends in technology and almost everything related to trending hot topics about all the new tech in and around the world.

ShopNani was founded in 2016 when Founder & Senior Developer Yugansh Chokra, who is currently studying engineering at Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, Delhi, started working on his plans for his start-up. He felt the need to introduce a publication that would support his start-up and would cater to the needs of those whom he referred to as “tech nerds”: technologists and IT professionals. Amongst those joining ShopNani in its infancy are Raghav Bansal, Chief Content Editor of ShopNani and Vipul Gupta, Chief Author of ShopNani who both remains in the thick of the ShopNani newsroom.

Yugansh’s vision was to build a blog with a simple mission of it being technically awesome and always updated to be more fun for its readers. Hence, we have made our blog unique than the rest. Our blog is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) based blog which will surely improve the user experience. Also for better reach to the readers and for better user interaction & response, we have different categorized content like reviews, first impressions, tech tips, gadgets, news, comparisons etc. So, a user can choose directly what he wants instead of searching for the content he wants amongst all the available content. We are still improving and there are many more enhancements to be incorporated.

The blog is still new so we may take a little time to catch up with all the topics but we are trying our best and it will happen soon. In the coming years, ShopNani, with the help of its editorial team, aims to become a trusted source for technology news, gadget reviews, tech policy analysis, breakdowns of the latest scientific advancements and nearly everything else found in and around silicon layers. We hope you have a new and exciting experience with us!

Welcome to ShopNani!