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We see that after a few months of buying smartphones, the speed and performance of the device go down. This happens often because of poor organization and ignorance and then we criticize the brand. It is important to always spare the RAM and internal memory. If used almost on edge, the device performance gets hampered. Saving phone memory has several other benefits. Following are some of the ways of saving your Android phone memory.

Cloud storage

Cloud storage is one of the most effective ways to save your device memory. Not only that, but you can be sure, your data will never be lost. A lot of companies offer free Cloud storage up to certain limits. Google, Microsoft and recently even Jio have introduced their own Cloud storage. Cheat tip – make multiple Google accounts for more free storage.

Online Music

Online MusicThere’s hardly anyone who doesn’t like Music. Everyone keep the library of their own songs, and a lot of memory is invested in storing songs. Rather than doing it, you can make playlists on various online Music apps that are present. Although there is a drawback that the internet is required, you can still choose it as you are not listening to music all the time.

Keeping only apps that are required

A lot of people are quite ignorant of the existence of apps on their phone. Sometimes we download an app for a specific purpose and let it reside in our phone forever. This is not really the best thing to do. Apps consume space in ram which affects the speed of the phone. So it is always better to keep apps as less as possible. Once obsolete you should delete it. Also, you should observe of frequently you are using apps in your phone. Apps that are used very less frequently can be deleted.

Clearing cache

The existing apps keep consuming cache space increasingly. Deleting caches at certain intervals can help in optimising the performance of your phone. Also, a lot of times, cache of uninstalled apps remain in the phone. This should be checked and deleted after uninstalling apps.

Use of microSD cards

Using microSD card is another efficient way of saving your device memory. You can also consider it as a Mini-HardDisk which fits into your phone. Memory cards are available up to whopping 256 GB. Nowadays memory card can only be used in the exchange of Dual Sim (mostly). But you can insert the Memory Cards when needed, in place of the secondary SIM.

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