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OnePluse 5T was a mammoth success last year, which naturally raised the people’s expectations for 6T upgrade. But sometimes, you may get crushed under your own weight which possibly has happened in case of OnePlus 6T. A lot of fans seem to be disappointed with not getting what they want. OnePlus unquestionably has risen to become one of the best mobile phone companies in the world and that’s why people hold so many expectations from it. Following are some of the reasons for the disappointment of OnePlus fans on the recent upgrade.

3.5 mm jack removal

This is something that was not expected after so much criticism and even trolling before for the same reason. It can be understood that the technology is advancing and we should go with it but this is not the correct time and people are not ready for. Preferring under-screen lock over plugging earphones and listening favourite songs is not something people would want at this stage. Usually, OnePlus is known for listening to their fans during upgrades, but not this time, unfortunately, and this came after conducting a poll on twitter where 88% people voted in favour of the audio jack.

No microSD card slot

This may not be that bad but is definitely on the negative side. Somehow there always the threat of internal data getting washed or need of factory reset without having a backup, so many people like to use SD card. Even if it is not that bad, having options is always great.

Onscreen finger lock

Although this is a cool feature which is incorporated in all three siblings; Oppo Vivo and OnePlus, it is significantly slower than the hardware lock. We know that it is the latest technology, and it is very difficult to make it faster in much less time, but then they should have implemented In their next model keeping the customer happy with an audio jack for now. Also, the fingerprint in really slow.

Not enough features added

Another reason for disappointment is that there are not enough features added. In this upgrade, what we get is a bigger screen, bigger battery and in display unlock while losing the audio jack. It feels like the upgrade has been done hastily for the sake of it. Because of this, a lot of people have said that OnePlus 6 is better than 6T and later is not appealing enough to switch to it.

Final verdict

A lot was expected and could have been done. If a meaningful conclusion is to be drawn, we will say OnePlus 6 is probably better and if you own it, you should hang with it and wait for the next model to be launched.

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