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These days everybody needs money to afford luxuries. However due to the lack of white-collar employment opportunities and due to the ever increasing prices of products in the market, many of us are more than happy to go towards platforms that can let us earn extra money in our free time. So, let’s Facebook.

Most of the people around the globe use facebook for posting photos or updating locations and tagging their friend, but did you know that you can make huge amount of money on facebook? Just by using a computer with internet, sitting along the time, you can easily make money through the social media platform-facebook. There are several ways to get those dollars into your account. Some of these are:


  • Sell Fanpage posts. 

One of the best ways of making extravagant money on facebook is by selling posts on your fan page. This is easy and convenient however it may take time to have a large enough fan base. To garner this enough fan base one needs to have interesting and appealing posts that can attract the facebook users globally.

For this, one needs to create a facebook page and post extensively till the page has atleast 1000 organic likes. After that you can start pricing the companies for sharing their product on your page. This way one can easily earn hundreds of dollars a month.


  • Making Money Through Affiliate Advertising and other link-type advertising

Affiliate marketing is a highly performance-based marketing in which the business rewards affiliates for each visitor or customer brought to the website or page or application by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. For each click through your affiliate link, you get paid.

Affiliate programs provide you with a unique ID and marketing materials which help you in the process. Find an affiliate program and generate as many customers as you can. This way people are earning hundreds of dollars a month and one must not resent from mining on this opportunity.


  • Create a group for support and inspiring sales teams.

Find a group of industry peers who want to support each other and create Facebook Groups for the ones suffering around the world. You can move mountains when you belong to a group of extremely passionate people working towards the same goal, supporting each other every day and night.

Once you start your group, post at least few times a day and then may reduce the frequency. The post could be a question, words of motivation, pictures, or videos or anything you feel is relevant to your motive. Always like and comment on what others are posting as well, this way your reach is increased. Groups are like live events happening 24 hours a day which when run correctly, will become the cornerstone of your success raising hundreds of dollars a month.

The IMPACT of Facebook

Facebook is a great way of gaining money but if it is utilized to benefit you. Most of the people do not understand the amount of money they are getting rid of by just socializing on Facebook and not utilizing it to benefit themselves. Make it an extra source of income. As the popular phrase says “TIME IS MONEY”, make your facebook surfing time as valuable as you can.



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