Titan Zeus - Worlds Largest And Costliest TV
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Titan Screens, a British screen manufacturer has in its store world’s largest TV, a television that is so big you can’t even imagine. The Zeus from the manufacturer measures 370 inches diagonally. Well just by looking through the number it may not look quite astonishing.

The Zeus is really elephantine measuring approximately 8 metres by 5 metres. To make a good estimation of its size, it can we visualized as a panel that can fit 4 adult elephants quite easily, 2 standing on the ground and 2 sitting on their back. A television of such great length and breadth is difficult to be installed in a ideal Indian living room.

The Zeus is priced at a whooping $1.6 million which is costlier than buying a luxurious home or a farmhouse in India. If you still can’t feel the pinch, try converting it into Indian currency. It turns out to be near around Rs.110000000.00 at current exchange rates. Now, stop counting the zeros!

The 370 inch monster offers a stunning 4K display and supports more than 65 million colours to provide a more immersive viewer experience. A perfect match for sports lovers specially cricket and football, this amazing set brings your heroes to life.

Coming to the weight, this gigantic TV weighs almost a ton and therefore requires a concrete support. So, thinking of ordering one? Carry it to a pub or public space and live life king size.

But to your surprise Titan has decided to built only 4 such televisions of which 2 have been already sold to unnamed buyers. Hurry please!

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Vipul Gupta
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