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Apple just released more than a dozen videos on its website about the camera of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. This series “How to shoot on an iPhone” focuses mainly on the hidden features of the camera in an iPhone that are not only hidden from regular users but also from power users.

After the launch of iPhone 7, Apple convinced people that they don’t need a dedicated camera if they have an iPhone 7 as they can do a ton of stuff with their iPhone already. We all know that User Interface of iPhone has not changed much but that doesn’t mean Apple stopped adding features into it. Like, for a reminder, you can take burst photos by keeping your finger in the capture button. There are many such hidden features that Apple decided to teach the users and help them get more comfortable with the extraordinary camera that iPhone offers.

Each clip is about 40 seconds long and features simple text instructions along with some funky electronic beats. They provide you with the basics on taking good panorama shots, close-ups, portraits, and so on. You can find the entire collection HERE

The collection includes all the below mentioned videos :

• How to shoot a great portrait
• How to shoot a close-up
• How to shoot a vertical panorama
• How to shoot without a flash
• How to shoot action
• How to shoot a selfie with the timer
• How to capture a unique angle
• How to shoot stills while filming
• How to shoot with street light
• How to shoot a bold and simple image
• How to shoot during golden hour
• How to shoot a one-handed selfie
• How to edit a selfie
• How to shoot a sunset silhouette
• How to shoot a group portrait
• How to shoot a back-lit subject

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