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Distributing newsletter and sharing blog posts has become a tedious job in the present days. Many people still stick to the traditional ways of spamming through emails as well as sharing these by means of social media. These ways have failed miserably in the recent times. Though email had been the most effective method of providing notifications but with such a large volume of emails received daily, these newsletters go unnoticed. Also as news feeds are overloaded nowadays, sharing posts through social media does not guarantee a 100% delivery. This is where PushAlert comes to the rescue.

PushAlert has brought to you a new way to reach users and convert them into subscribers. No need to fill forms, just a click for subscription.

How Push Notifications Work?
Getting Subscribers

Once you integrate PushAlert in your website (HTTP or HTTPS), visitors will be shown a prompt to subscribe to your notifications. When they click on Allow, endpoint is registered which is based on the browser, no personal information is collected here.

Sending Notifications

Now you are ready to send your first notification. Just login to your PushAlert Dashboard and compose a new notification. Click on send. Thats it! Your subscribers will receive the notification in real time, even if they are not on your website or even if the browser is closed.

Mobile Users

Web Push Notifications work on smartphones as well. You can send a notification directly to your mobile visitors without any app. This creates a great opportunity for getting higher conversions and re-engaging users.

What’s Different From Other Platforms?
Browser Integration

With browser integration one can directly send notification to the users. Thus enabling real time communication with subscribers with the help of  push alerts.

Multilingual Support

Get more subscribers by converting the entire push notification subscription process in your own language. Your customers/visitors will be able to know exactly why they should subscribe to your updates, that too, in your own words. Starting with the notification prompt, button text, to the widget, everywhere you can change the default text to the one you require. Moreover you can send notifications in any language as well.

Multi-Website Support

Add multiple websites to the same PushAlert account, with a central control over all your web properties. You can manage their notifications all in one place, and also get a quick glimpse of overall performance of push notification campaigns spread across various websites.

Push via Email

Backed by our powerful REST API, Email Push allows you to send Push Notifications from anywhere and from any device. No coding required and you don’t even need to be logged into your account. Just use the API key and send details in a prescribed format. Once the email is sent, we will push the notification to all subscribers.

PushAlert’s Pro Analytics

You can learn when your notifications get the most engagement or which fetched better CTR. There are several advanced features like A/B Testing, Audience Creator and Segmentation which you can learn more at

What Are The Benefits?

You do not require any separate app just for user engagement, as the push notification will be sent directly through the browser.
Performance Analysis – Get campaign analysis with relevant metrics to improve strategy.
Click Timing Analysis– Know when your subscribers are most active and plan notifications accordingly.
Insights – Get an insight into which devices, OS or browser your visitors are using.
Browser Support – PushAlert works on most of the browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Apple Safari.

Plans and Pricing

To know about plans and pricing visit:

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