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The HP OMEN X is a Main gear and HP collaboration product and it stands to be one of the boldest PC designs of the year. It proves to be a powerful gaming desktop with a modern design. The desktop is angled to provide easy access to ports and components. Furthermore, one can even buy just the case and build it themselves by putting their own components.


  • Omen X desktop – $2,499
  • Empty case – $599
  • You can also buy the empty case and have it customized by Maingear for a high-end desktop (starting at $2,999).


The HP Omen X is designed as a cube, which is balanced on its edge for a sharp and angular look. Even though the idea of a desktop being perched on a single edge seems fiddly, the stand is actually pretty solid, and there’s zero chance of it tipping over.

HP Omen XThe cube design is pretty brilliant as it makes access to ports, drive bays and even the interior, very easy. With standard desktops, one has to usually lie them on the side to reach the interior, which turns out to be a big hassle. In the Omen X, you just need to take off the side cover, and everything is at an easy-to-reach 45-degree angle.

The cube is cut into separate quadrants, which creates enough room for two graphic cards and even liquid cooling in the main compartment. The power supply and all the hard drives are all kept in their separate zones, which makes cooling and cable management much easier. The body also consists of four drive bays, which can be easily accessed from the outside and comes with a fabric loop to pull it out. Most of the ports and connections are on the rear panel, but some of them, including a few USB 3.0 and USB-C ones, are on the side, making it easier to use.

The PC also comes with front lights, which can be customized with different colors. The lighting effects are limited as compared to some other PCs but you can still come up with some great color combos.

The HP Omen X measures 20.3 x 19.9 x 16 inches, which is quite big for a desktop, so you might have to clear some space out on your desk.


  • PC CPU – Intel Core i7
  • PC Memory – 16 GB DDR4 SDRAM 2,400MHz
  • Storage – 256GB SSD + 2TB HDD
  • Graphics – 8 GB Nvidia 1080
  • Networking – 802.11ac wireless, Bluetooth
  • Operating System – Windows 10 Home (64-bit)
  • Hardware configurations are VR ready


The performance of any desktop largely depends on the kind of components invested in it. A single Nvidia 1080 GPU and a Core i7 6700K is more than enough for current games at high detail settings and even up to 4K resolution.

Although it wasn’t extremely fast, overall the system performed quite well thanks to its system tuning and design, which emphasizes on keeping temperatures low. It also proves to be a great platform for Virtual Reality and it helps that it has enough USB ports to support a VR headset plus accessories.


Pros Cons
Powerful gaming desktop System is big and heavy
Angled for easy access to ports and components Very expensive
One can buy the case and build it themselves Lighting effects are limited


The HP Omen X has all the qualities of a powerful gaming desktop, however, the high-end pricing becomes its shortfall. Some its alternatives like the Falcon Northwest Fragbox or the Original PC Chronos offers similar high-end performance but at a much affordable cost.

In conclusion, the HP Omen X is a great choice for a gaming PC if you’re willing to invest that much money into it. You get VR-capable power thanks to the processor and the GTX 1080, and many other advantages other than being a fast-performer. It is very upgrade-friendly and has a great design. However, you’ll probably get more value for price by buying the case and then building the system by yourself with similar components.   

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