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Everyone of us visit Google at least once daily and are astonished many a time by the speed of its searching anything. But Google in itself is more fascinating than it appears. Here are some amazing facts or call it secrets about Google.

  1. Google was originally named backrub by its co-founders ,which really means a website that will do your work(will search for you the whole internet) and till then you can sit-back and relax.
  2. Recent facts shows that since 2010 Google has been acquiring an average of one company every week.
  3. Ever heard about Google Doodle , the first Google doodle was a burning man stick figure(in place of O) and it was launched on 30 August, 1998.
  4. Private planes of the CO founders of Google have runways in NASA where no planes are allowed to land.
  5. This fact is quite amazing , Google even owns the domain of common misspellings of its own name like , and much more domains.
  6. Also death benefits of Google employees in the US guarantees that the surviving spouse will receive 50% of their salary every year for the next 10 years.
  7. Ever tried to write a large number in words , no need Google can do that work for you just type the number in your search bar and add and equals to sign and write English after that and Google will show the result and will help you pronounce or write the number in words. (9989978787=English)
  8. Google has a mirror version too , named Google Mirror(elgoog) which shows everything mirrored.
  9. In 1999 Google wanted to sell itself to an online company Exide in 1 million dollars but the CEO of Excite rejected the offer, now Google is worth more than 300 billion dollars.
  10. Google processes around 20 petabyte of information daily, which means 1million GB everyday.
  11. Reason for Google homepage being bare is that the founders of Google didn’t know HTML .
  12. Want to see Google homepage performing a Barrel Roll just type barrel roll in the search box of Google homepage and you will see the page will do a barrel roll.
  13. Want to roll a dice just type roll a dice in the Google search bar and Google will roll a dice for you.
  14. 90% off Google annual income comes from advertising , even though Google sell devices (Nexus, pixel etc.)
  15. Google surpassed 1billion unique visitors in May 2011. (1 billion = 100 crores ; 1/8 th of total population by 2017 facts says google has surpassed visitors 1/3rd of total population.


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