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Are you feeling betrayed? Did your Internet service provider promised something and is giving something else? Let me tell you, internet speed is a highly fluctuating factor. Most of the times you won’t get the speed advertised for, and there are reasons for it.

Let us discuss a little about measuring internet speed first.

How to measure your speed?

You have to understand a little fact. Most of the ISPs advertise their rates in bits per second. Somewhere along the line, this causes a lot of confusion. 1 bit is 8 bytes of data. So when someone says one megabit (Mb) per second, it means 0.125 megabytes (MB) per second.

Now the question comes how do you accurately measure your internet speed. There are a lot of ways to measure your speed. However, is probably one of the most trusted names when it comes to measuring Internet speeds. Click on “test speed, ” and it quickly tests your speed.

Let us know discuss as to why are you not getting the speed you were promised.

Why isn’t your speed as promised?

There are several reasons for slow internet speeds. Let us discuss them one by one below.

Hardware Issues

The problem may sometimes be related to your PC or mobile. You may have an old router or modem that might be affecting your speed. If you are one of the people relying on old technologies, this might be an apt time and situation to upgrade.


Your ISP may have allotted number of users sharing a mobile tower. With the increase in number of users, the more will be the division of internet speed and less would be the per person connection speed. This lessening of speed due to more people sharing a connection is often called over-subscription and could be another reason for your slow speeds.

ISP Throttling

ISPs are known to throttle certain types of connections. For instance, most of the ISPs are known to slow down peer-to-peer connections (used for Torrents). That is why your speed is also affected by the type of connection you are using.

Distance Factor

The more distance you maintain with your ISP’s hardware (generally, a mobile tower) the less speed you will get. This distance factor is the reason why internet speed is usually more in cities.(Due to more number of ISP hardware)

We hope that this article lessened your doubt regarding internet speeds. Still, have some confusion? Leave a comment below!

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