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Facebook, the worlds most popular sites is more fascinating than it appears. Check out these amazing facts about Facebook that will leave your jaw drop and eyes wide open.

  1. Adding /4 to the end of Facebook’s URL will automatically direct you to Mark Zuckerberg’s wall. There’s more! Adding 5 or 6 to the end of the URL will take you to the respective profiles of Chris Hughes and Dustin Moskovitz, who are Facebook co-founders and Mark’s former college roommates. Try it
  2. Facebook tracks which sites you visit, even after you’ve signed out. In 2014, Facebook told ad age that it will start tracking users across the Internet using its widgets such as the Like button, but that’s only one step in the company’s long history of privacy quicksand.
  3. 600,000 hacking attempts are made to Facebook accounts every day. They Most commonly do to spam the member’s friends in an attempt to sell counterfeit goods.
  4. Al Pacino was the first face on Facebook. For some reason, most  assumed the face that lived on the Facebook header until 2007 was a poorly-executed portrait of Mark Zuckerberg? It’s actually a young Al Pacino, for reasons unclear. The logo was created by Zuckerberg’s friend and classmate Andrew McCollum.
  5. Every second there are reportedly 20,000 people active on Facebook. This means in 18 minutes there are 11 million users on the social network. Every minute there are 150,000 messages sent, and over 500,000 “likes.” There are over 49 million posts made in every 15 minutes, which means 3 million posts per minute. JUST WOW.
  6. The most-liked photo on the site is that of the former President Barack Obama and the former First Lady embracing with the caption “Four more years” after winning the re-election in 2012. The image is said to have generated the most likes of any photo, 4,410,548 likes in Facebook history.
  7. Ever tried blocking Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook? There is a option where you can eventually block him but actually no one on Facebook can ever block Mark Zuckerberg.
  8. Several people on Facebook have been murdered just because of the reason that they unfriended their fellow friends. Isnt it strange? Next you think of unfriending your friend think twice.
  9. You Get paid to find bugs. You can get paid if you find any
    vulnerabilities on the site. While there is no maximum reward per the official Facebook terms, users are promised a minimum of $500 for locating any possible bugs.
  10. Facebook’s user base grows by eight people per second, or 7,246 people every 15 minutes. Some naysayers have foretold of Facebook’s impending demise, but aside from boasting the largest user base of any social network in the world by a gigantic margin, this statistic proves Facebook is still growing.
  11. Napster co-founder Sean Parker transitioned Facebook from a college project into an actual company. Parker changed the site’s name from by acquiring the domain for $200,000. Furthermore, it was Parker who insisted that the site add its most popular feature: photo sharing.
  12. Approximately 7.5 million sites contain the Facebook Like or Share Buttons. Most sites use it to see engagement of user towards the content and rate it accordingly. This is considered to be greatest invention to know about what a person thinks about your content.
  13. Facebook ranks no.1 in the world for most blocked websites according to the open DNS database, one of the most popular DNS service used to block the access of the websites by business organizations.
  14. In 2006 Yahoo Inc. offered $1billion to facebook to merge it with Yahoo but facebook rejected it. Today facebook values $50 billion and Yahoo values $21 billion. It is considered the toughest time for Mark Zuckerberg to decline that offer.
  15. Pirate is actually a language, often mistaken for stuff like “ahoy me ‘eartys” but it is actually a fully spoken language. Surprising? On Facebook you can your language to Pirate. Give it a try.


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