Is buying a Refurbished phone Beneficial?
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Suppose, there is a phone that has been returned to the manufacturer due to manufacturing or functioning defects. The manufacturer then takes it back to the seller who restores this phone to full-functioning, factory-standard condition under full quality check with best industrial standards to be sold again; because he won’t agree for his own loss. This repaired phone is called a refurbished phone and because it is a repaired phone, it usually sells at lower price than its actual price.


The major problem with refurbished phones is that it is not sure whether they are manufacturer repaired or seller repaired. For example- an iPhone 6 is discovered to have manufacturing or functioning defects. Now, the manufacturer has 2 options. Either he will go to the official seller of the phone i.e. Apple and will get it repaired there, or, he can get it repaired by a third party i.e. any other local seller. The local seller repairs the phone but because of lack of knowledge and may be due to lack of original parts, it is possible that he is unable to meet the repairing standards of Apple and hence, there is a big chance that the problem in the phone is not entirely fixed. Now as a result, when this phone is sold again, it is more likely that the problem still persists or develops.

It is still okay but the main problem comes here – these seller refurbished phones are sold under the manufacturer refurbished phones by many re-sellers. The customer does not know much and ends up in buying whatever the re-seller says. Thus, it is very important to verify that the phone is repaired by genuine seller.


Here are some tips which can help you :

  1. Reputable Retailer or Manufacturer : Purchase a refurbished phone only from a reputable dealer, retailer, or manufacturer. Do verify the credentials of the seller and the refurbisher. In case there are no verifiable details, you may reconsider your purchase from him. It is the reputation of the dealers which is at stake and hence, a reputable dealer is not likely to sell a refurbished phone that is less than a new phone. Moreover, he will be able to provide details on the refurbishment and, if available, prior ownership.
  2. Warranty from Manufacturer/Provider : Always ask for warranty from the manufacturer or retailer who is selling you the phone. Some retailers extend the warranty to a refurbished phone and some do not. If the phone be a victim of bumps, bruises or falling in water, you should have reassurance that the parts, either repaired or replaced, will still be covered by the manufacturer. If there is no warranty, you may want to reconsider purchase.
  3. Price : A refurbished phone should have price less than the phone’s actual price in the market as a new phone. If you find the price to be same or very close then you should either go for the new phone or should reconsider buying from the same retailer.
  4. Factory Settings : If you are buying a refurbished phone, make sure that the phone has been cleared of all evidence of prior ownership. In the process, the phone is restored to factory settings which means all its data is wiped clean. If in case you find any data like photos, videos etc. or anything different from a new phone happens while starting it, do ask for a replace.

Refurbished phones, by definition, are completely repaired and safe phones with full customer satisfaction quality. If you’re on a budget, these phones are a good idea to get a high end phone at a lower price. All you need to do before buying one is to atleast make sure that the phone is a ‘Manufacturer Refurbished Phone’ with a warranty or else if it is Seller Refurbished Phone, then you trust the seller completely.

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  1. Well said Raghav Bansal very useful blog for people who are interested to buy refurbished iPhones, iPad or Mac. just I want to add one more thing
    first of all buying refurbished phone is very good idea don’t hesitate just take it, obvious there is some important things which is need to be take care as mentioned in blog. There are many Apple certified stores for refurbished products where you can buy refurbished phones with full warranty as new phone with lower price.


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