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The Bragi Dash Pro is here. And we bet that AirPods are going to look dumb in front of this beast of an earbud.

Bragi already made headlines when they came out with the Dash. However, the re-engineered Dash Pro, is set to redefine our wireless earphone experience. These earphones come with a host of features, and are definitely going to set a new benchmark for the music hearing experience. Here’s why!

Fitness bands? Nah. Fitness Earbuds!

Well, seems like fitness bands are a thing of the past now. The Dash Pro,with its auto tracking capability, detects whether you are running walking or cycling, and helps you keep track of your workout, without the push of a button. The on-board activity coach even motivates you with real-time feedback.

 Perfect fit, instant hit!

The Bragi Dash Pro, besides being wireless, is lightweight and comfortable to wear. It comes in two versions, with the high-end $499 (₹32000) version being tailored by Starkey. Audiologists will take an imprint of your ear canal, which in turn will be used to manufacture earbuds that perfectly suit your needs; ensuring perfect seal and sound isolation. On the other hand, the lower-end $239 (₹15000) model of the Dash Pro is more of an upgrade of the original Dash.


The Dash Pro is completely waterproof. That is to say, IPX 7, 1m, 3.2 feet. You can literally go swimming with these earbuds. And with 4 GB of memory for the on-board mp3 player, which can store  upto 1000 songs, you can carry your music everywhere you go. Forget the hassles of carrying your smartphones around. The perfect companion for the musical you.

Translate on the go

Ever wished for Doraemon’s translate jelly or maybe a miniature version of Star War’s C3P0, that’ll help you understand any language in the world? Well, Bragi thought, why not? The Dash Pro comes equipped with iTranslate that provides real-time translation in 40 different languages! Translate on the go with the iTranslate pro app on your mobile, which costs around $3 (₹200) per month. Psst.. Dash Pro owners get a 30 day trial period.


An easy touch system easily hooks up the Dash Pro with your device. As compared to the Dash, the Dash Pro offers a much more stable bluetooth connection. The virtual 4D menu is definitely an added bonus, giving you the ability to control the Bragi Dash Pro with gestures! Simply nod your head to take a call. Or tap your cheek to connect to the Bragi OS. What’s more? The earbuds feature audio transparency. A quick swipe allows you to control your music and the background noise. The best part? When activated, audio transparency also filters out the noise of the wind when one runs or jogs. * Woohoo *

Dash Pro Drawbacks

Well, there never is too much of a good thing. The Dash (not Dash Pro) suffered from a few connectivity issues. Although these issues have been mostly resolved in the Dash Pro, but it can be a bit spotty at times. Also, the price of the Earbuds is a big spoilsport. The Dash pro is priced at a $239 whereas the Starkey version comes with a price tag of $499. The Dash Pro, however, at present is available only on the Bragi site. But considering  the features and what other big brands charge, the price isn’t very unreasonable.

Well, the future of earphones is here. Where are you?

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