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What actually is Artificial Intelligence?

Have you ever wondered what is Artificial Intelligence? If yes, then you know what it is and its worth. And if your answer is no, well then, don’t pull hairs out of your head, in this article we’ll explore what is artificial intelligence and what are its uses with regards to the health industry.

Artificial Intelligence is a way of making a software/program or computer to think and respond as we humans doIt’s kind of a technique that makes our computer think and act like we do.

The principle on which AI works is same as us. The developers store the results of various human’s activities like how we think, how we respond, how we decide, etc. and then they try implementing this on real life softwares to make these dreams a reality. Though there are only some successful AI prototypes and final project yet this branch has paved its roots to most successful organizations like Google and Deep Mind, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft, Babylon, Apple, Baidu, Facebook, IBM, Microsoft, OpenAI (Musk and others), SRI International, Toyota etc.

Even the Governments of some countries are supporting this technology like BlueBrain Project, DARPA, HumanBrain Project, Big Data Research and Development Initiative etc.

Where does Artificial Intelligence come into picture?

Well, you might have no idea but you have actually been using AI for couple of years! Have you ever noticed that search engine like Google has been improved a lot from last several years in searching the accurate query because of AI which enables Google to think and respond like we do.

If you haven’t noticed, then no problem then you must have used google mic for speech recognition and for searching, this application also uses AI for providing better result.

If you haven’t used mic yet, then you might have used gesture pattern, iris scanner and touch bar scanner to unlock your device. Well those also use AI.

Still haven’t tried any one of above, then you must have seen robots that brought revolution in industry, they also work on AI. Surprisingly enough, we are surrounded by this technique.

So let’s see the uses of AI technology are in the following sector:

  • GamingThe most extensive use of AI is being used in gaming sector, now a day, almost all     first person games and third person games are using this technique for navigation and handling. E.g. far cry series etc.
  • Aviation- You must have heard of Autopilot which uses this technique. Also Jet pilots are now trained in an AI rendered experiment room which simulates the real-time problems faced, combat and training environment.
  • Health-Sector- The most influential effect of AI has been upon the Health-sector problems. We’ll be dealing this topic in detail in this article.
  • Robots- Robots are given the special attention since their inception into real world. Now robot technologies are rapidly improving to let them feature human behaviors, there are a lot of movies depicting the same concepts. E.g. Robot movie;
  • Recognition- AI technologies have been used extensively for face-recognition, handwriting, speech recognition and other recognition techniques.Recognition is the most sought after application using AI.
  • Customer-Service-These days various organizations are using AI agents to handle their customer-satisfaction needs like telephonic services or on internet help guides.

Applications of AI on Health Industry

1). Intelligent Information Gathering and Sensing (IoT);

With this technology, AI gathers all possible information’s from patient then match those symptoms with existing disease and tell the possible solutions.

2). Intelligent Interaction and Service;

Here AI can interact with patient and give them the same environment as they would have with the real doctor.

3). Intelligent Diagnosis and Care Plans;

Here AI can treat the patient efficiently and can provides all information about the possible solutions for that particular disease.

4). Robotics

Here robots take on to assist with the mundane, dangerous, or complex jobs of humans. As with the time human efficiency decrease, but not the AI instructed robots.

5). Intelligent Medical Devices

This will increase the efficiency of medical devices to cope with the doctors and patients to

6). Advanced BI/Analytics

This technology will learn from our data, and how can we predict futures states and act on that knowledge.

Challenges to AI in Health Industry

  • Complexity

Medical issues don’t appear in isolation and coordination of care is difficult. Humans complexity is not that simple to make a simple AI algorithm to Solve and understand the actual cause.

  • Threat to human Jobs

Strong fear associated with technology displacing human workers. We know human jobs are the most susceptible with the introductions of these technologies.

“The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of
the human race.” Stephen Hawking

“With artificial intelligence we are summoning the demon.”

Elon Musk

  • High Cost

The high costs for developing, testing, certifying, and implementing can be a barrier.

So, this is this the effect of AI on health industries, how is it changing the workstyle of medical professionals and patients but along with its several advantages there are, off course, some changelings to us.

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