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Android Oreo. Nope. We aren’t talking about the cookies. Sticking to the tradition of naming it’s OS’ after confections, Google recently launched its brand new Android Operating System, the Android Oreo. The Android O will soon be coming to smartphones all across the world.
With a host of new features and optimisations, the primary aim of Google seems to be an improved user experience. Here is what Android O had in store for you.


This feature allows you to do two tasks simultaneously on the same screen. You can watch a YouTube video while chatting with your friend on WhatsApp at the same time. Unlike the two-pane multitasking window in Nougat, Android O offers picture-in-picture which basically adjusts the size of the app window that can then be moved to any part of the screen.

Smart Notifications

Android Oreo will change the way we receive notifications, making it a lot more user friendly. One can choose the kind of notifications they would like to see. Users can club similar notifications from various apps together. The notifications will have app number badges, which represents the number of notifications for each app. Another interesting feature is that you can now snooze notifications, like an alarm. The notifications will then show up at a later time, when the user has time to see them.

High Performance

Android Oreo comes will save a lot of your precious time. With improved autofill, which will now remember all your passwords as well as credit card details and more. The settings page will now be smarter and more organised. Users can add more app shortcuts to the lock screen, besides the standard phone and camera app.

At present just 14% of all the smartphones in the market run on Android Nougat. Android fragmentation caused by delays when manufacturers customise Android for their phones, has been a major issue for Google. To sort this issue, Google, under project Treble has made several changes to the system architecture which will now allow faster updates, as it will reduce the involvement of chip-makers.

Android Oreo also promises improved battery performance. Google also claims that Android O will also increase the boot speed by upto two times.

Other features like adaptive icons, wide gamut colour, high quality Bluetooth audio combined with better navigation are bound to make Android O a much better experience.

When will Android O come to your smartphone?

Google has been working on the development of Android O for over an year now. The beta version of the new Android has been available for beta and developer testing for quite some time now. Several phones like Pixel, Nexus and their variants have already gone for carrier testing and they will begin to roll out within the next few weeks. If you’ve already been running the beta version of Android O, the full version of the software is downloadable now.
If you did not own a Pixel or Nexus phone, the wait is going to be slightly longer for you. Google has officially announced that work is in progress with brands like HMD Global, HTC, Motorola, Samsung, Huawei, Sharp and Sony. HMD Global, the manufacturer for Nokia phones additionally added that they would be the first manufacturers to launch Android O on their smartphones. However, the wait is going to be long. Stay strong.

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