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Aircharge, a UK based leader in charging solutions has built an innovative product to free you from the hassle of wires. Technology has left us entangled in the wires, every new gadget comes with its own charger and carrying them together everywhere is quite irritating. As a cable-free solution to charge all your gadgets Aircharge came up with a product the Aircharge Keyring receiver which is said to be the world’s first wireless charging concept that charges all your gadgets wirelessly, even Apple devices. Now, this is really something very interesting.

On its very first encounter this Keyring may appear like a normal smartly designed keychain with a size that is just over the size of a 10 rupee coin. But a closer look reveals two slots present on its sides. One of these slots holds a micro USB connector which unwinds with a very small wire attached to it while the other slot houses a MFi (Made for iPhone) certified Apple Lightning connector adaptor. An led fitted on the top acts as a charging indicator.

To charge a device you need to connect your device to the Keyring either through Micro USB connector or use Lightning connector adapter in case you own an Apple make. Once connected you simply need to place the Keyring on an Aircharge travel pad or a Qi wireless charger which can be found at any public Qi wireless charging location.

At present there are more than 4,000 such charging locations worldwide, mostly present in restaurants, gyms and airports. To find a Qi wireless charging location on the go you need to download the Aircharge Qi locator app, an app developed by Aircharge that locates all the public Qi wireless charging locations present in your vicinity.  Aircharge Qi locator app is available on Android, iOS and Windows platforms.

Aircharge Keyring is versatile, capable of charging all the Micro USB or Apple Lightning enabled devices like smartphones, tablets ,fitness bands , stylus, portable speakers. As a result of solid craftsmanship the product looks premium and is available in two colours, silver and black. The black Keyring is priced at £20 which is roughly around ‎₹1500 while the silver one is priced at £30, around ‎ ₹2100. You can buy one for yourself soon after Aircharge delivers its first batch of orders.

Talking of the science involved in it. The Keyring receiver wireless charging works on the principle of electromagnetic induction. The pad as well as the receiver consists of a coil. To charge a device you place the Keyring receiver on the charging pad. The charging pad is connected to an AC power-outlet and primary coil in the pad induces a current in the secondary coil in the receiver, and this current charges the device connected to the receiver.

“It is our commitment to offer our consumers solutions to fully experience wireless charging in their life and enjoy the freedom of a full battery whenever and wherever they are” says Steve Liquorish, CEO Aircharge.

Aircharge is expecting to deliver the early bird orders by Christmas and will start dispatching the next batch of orders by January. Aircharge ran a fund raising campaign on to boost their production and was successful in attaining their goal of £20,000 before the campaign period ended on December 10.

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Vipul Gupta

Vipul Gupta is currently a first year engineering under graduate at NSIT, Delhi. He is pursuing engineering in the field of electronics. Passionate about technology, he moved to Delhi to proceed fast in an upscale environment. When he isn’t glued to a Computer Screen he likes travelling and exploring the city with friends.He is very innovative in thinking, very creative in execution and expert in decision making.

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