Mi Bluetooth Speaker Review
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Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker Review

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker Review

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Xiaomi at first was just a smartphone manufacturer. But now, it has explored much more and has developed various other products like power banks, headphones, fitness trackers, Mi Bluetooth speakers and more.

Today we will be reviewing the Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker which was announced at the launch of Redmi Note 3. Let’s see how the speaker performs.

Packaging and Contents

The Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker comes in small cuboidal box, roughly the size of a normal pencil box. The box does not include any charging cable, not even a USB one and contains just a pouch for the speakers and the Bluetooth speakers itself. But, since it uses a standard Micro-USB port for charging, you will most likely find the required cable at your homes or will be able to afford to buy a new one easily. This fact and the fact that it costs INR 1999 themselves can cover up for no charger being provided in its package.

Design and Specifications

The Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker as a compact, rectangular-shaped design and comes with an aluminum body which provides it great durability of metal encasing. Its small size makes it easy to handle and the metal body provides a solid and well-built feel with an elegant look. The front grille consists of an interesting dotted pattern which fades away at the ends giving a feel of power well distributed. It weighs about 270g which is not very light but at the same time not too heavy to carry around either. The bottom of the speaker has 2 small rubber feet which provides it good grip when placed on a slanting surface and also absorbs the reverberations to some extent. It is available in Gold, Silver and in funky colors like Blue, Pink etc.Mi Bluetooth Speaker
The device supports Bluetooth 4.0 for wireless connectivity which provides real fast pairing with other devices. The speaker has two 36mm drivers with an output of 3W from each channel and has a frequency response range of 85Hz – 20000Hz. The sound quality differs depending upon the audio transmission mode you use. When connecting via Bluetooth, the device tends to deliver an equal sound from both channels whereas using a stereo cable, the lows and highs are divided between the two drivers.

The device provides a full mobile free experience with the help of its microphone on board. With its help, you can use the speaker as a hands-free device for calling. The microphone is located on the left side of the speaker with the aux-in socket and Micro-USB port for charging. On the right, we have the power, the volume up/down, song next/previous and pairing/battery level buttons. When the device is not connected and we press the battery level button, the speakers indicate the charging levels of the speaker at that time in multiples of 10. The speaker has a 1500mAh internal battery which provides about 5-6 hours of continuous playback.


Our team tested the Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker using Android smartphones and iPhones as our source devices using Bluetooth and 3.5mm stereo cable. Various tracks were played using these source devices. The speaker was also used while playing games, watching videos on various websites, and for talking on call purposes.
The sound quality was pretty good. The music with low to high-mid volumes of the speaker was clear, distinct and with an awesome bass thump. The bass frequencies sometimes though were felt to resonate too much. At very high volumes, the clarity was observed to be little less than earlier but the power and the feel delivered by the speaker is just great. The strong drive causes the speaker to vibrate a lot though. Also it was observed that the sound quality was supreme with better distinction when the speaker was connected via a stereo cable, but Bluetooth too works great. There are no further differences among playing via a stereo cable and Bluetooth when it comes to playing different file types and audio modes.


It is difficult to find good Bluetooth speakers at an affordable price. The Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker is one of the best affordable wireless speakers in the market. The sound is pretty good and the device is good enough to be used for almost all purposes. Also, for bass-heavy music such as rock, the speaker is just great as it favors bass and all the heavy beats and vibrations just adds in providing the feel of power for a speaker this size and price. Sometimes the heavy reverberations may be a little bit of problem but it should not bother much to anyone. So, with this budget, the Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker could be the best option available which provides a lot of function on board and an amazing sound experience.

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