Jio Wifi dongle
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After much Hype and success of JIO’s launch during early September (which made me think twice about the plot of Kingsman – The secret service , it is a joke if I made you all serious  ) many have tried to avail its free services but due to the fact that you need a 4G enabled device to get the sim , provided that it is in stock was a let down to many people. So if a guy owning a 3G handset wants to have the 4GB download for himself he either has to buy JioFi or a LYF mobile  handset costing 1,999 and 3,000( Flame series ) rupees respectively . Now there is a new product in line from Reliance and they have named it Jio Dongle 2 which also comes with a  Jio sim  is a USB powered device which essentially does the same job as JioFi and creates a WiFi Hotspot or connects as Ethernet if plugged directly to you PC (At the same time creating a hotspot too ).

How does Jio Dongle- 2 look like ?

Jio Dongle 2 is shaped like any other dongle in the market with square corners , a black finish and JIO branding on top , it has 2 led lights to show WiFi connection and one for Signal strength , unlike its elder brother (JioFi-2) being oval shaped and having a OLED screen and a matt black finish . Jio Dongle 2 can be connected to either a computer or wall outlet using a foldable USB interface .

What is its cost? and is it worth it?

It is priced similarly to its JioFi at 1,999 rupees , it does not come with battery backup therefore it  does little freedom to what it can do differently from JioFi which costs the same and also has a battery backup making it more portable .

My other choices ?

Jio Dongle -2 comes after Reliance released a newer version of JioFi-2 with has a higher battry backup of 2,600mAH and a OLED screen to display basic information.

Be it the attractive plans offered by JIO , its entry timing or the fact that marketing was a huge success , we all can agree that JIO has truly made other tele operators think twice .

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