LeEco Le2 vs Hyve Buzz
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The smartphone industry is changing a lot in India especially in the budget section where a lot of new brands had entered the market with high-quality features at affordable price. Many Chinese, Korean companies which are never heard in India have become a top player in smartphone industry overnight. Every day millions of people are able to afford a smartphone and many new companies are emerging to full fill the needs of these millions.
Out of those many new companies trying to get hold of the smartphone market, today we are going to compare smartphones of two new players. Buzz smartphone from Hyve which is a start-up from India and Le 2 from LeEco a Chinese online video service company which had started its mobile division in 2015 in China and entered India this year and been successful for now.

✎ Design

LeEco Le2LeEco le 2 had a well-built metal body with a fingerprint scanner at the back of the body. Volume button and power button are present on the right side with sim slots on the left and Le 2 doesn’t have a 3.5 mm jack which is replaced by the company built CDLA earphones. CDLA earphones are plugged into USB C port which means users cannot listen to music with earphones when the mobile is charging. Le 2 had a fingerprint sensor at the back for easy unlocking.

Hyve Buzz to had some innovative design
features where its body is made of plastic and it is having a thickness of 10.4 mm at middle and becomes thinner at edges. This makes the mobile more comfortable to use and it volume buttons is present on the back of the case which is a unique feature. Buzz comes with a USB C charging at the bottom and 3.5 mm jack at the top.


✎ Display

Both the devices are having a 5.5-inch screen which had become a standard size and are having good resolution of 1080p. Hyve Buzz had a unique feature called 2.5D Arc curved display which ensures you will not be annoyed by the edges of a smartphone and comes with a screen guard. Both the devices are decent for outdoor usage. Hyve Buzz comes with software called MiraVison which makes the display provide good colours, contrast and brightness and equally Le 2 had a pre-installed software which allows you to change the colour levels to your mood like vivid, soft, and natural according to your preference.


LeEco Le2 CameraIn the budget segment of around 15000, I think that Le 2 had a pretty good camera features a rear camera having a 16 MP which is high among the category and it is faster in focusing thanks to PDAF (Phase Detection Auto Focus). It had an f2.0 aperture, FOV of 76.5 degrees and it can shoot videos in 4K. Even though the camera shoots well in low light but it is not the best. Coming to the front it is 8MP camera which is decent for a selfie and video calling.

Hyve Buzz CameraWhile Hyve Buzz had a 13 MP rear camera with Sony Exmor RS sensor but it is not sufficient to capture High-Quality shots and misses many details in a picture overall it is just an average camera with not much features and it is not comparable with Le 2. Front one had a 5MP camera is a standard one which is decent with selfies and video calling.




Hyve Buzz had done a good job in this where it runs Android v5.1.1 OS which is a stock Android OS means no changes to OS released by Google making it faster to use, more internal memory and faster upgrades. Buzz will be updated to Marshmallow ASAP. All the extra apps it comes with is a bunch of useful Google apps and a Hyve care app which activates your warranty.

LeEco Le 2 comes with Android Marshmallow based EUI 5.6 which is a customized version of Android OS in Le mobiles. Le mobiles will have a lot of Le apps for video streaming, music, cloud and many content based apps which are free for first one year to its users. These customizations take way good amount of Ram from the devices too.


LeEco Le 2 comes with many latest upgrades for performance with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 which is an Octa-core processor with 1.8 GHz, 3GB Ram which gives a smooth performance even when you multitasking. Le 2 had a Qualcomm Adreno 510 GPU, which is highest among its competitors and enables a great gaming and multimedia performance. Le 2 had outperformed many mobiles in the benchmark tests in its segment which is mainly credited to Qualcomm’s processor and GPU. It had an inbuilt storage of 32 GB which a lot to store your photos, videos, and Apps.

Hyve Buzz had ARM Cortex-A53 with octa-core CPU, which had a speed of 1.5 GHz which less than Snapdragons 652 and 3GB Ram. Which supports multitasking for a while then the mobile starts heating up making it not good at multitasking. Benchmark tests of Hyve Buzz are so bad that in all the tests it is at the bottom of its category mobiles, and it is not even near the LeEco Le 1 mobile which is a predecessor of Le 2. Buzz comes with internal memory of 16GB and external storage support.

✎Connectivity and Battery

Both the mobiles had similar features in connectivity with 4G VoLTE feature, had a Bluetooth 4.0+, USB C for charging (also for earphones in Le 2) and Hyve had an NFC feature which is lacking in Le 2. Both had done well in connectivity with many similar features but Buzz is step ahead with NFC support.

LeEco Le 2 had a battery of 3000mAh capacity which is a lot when we see it but in the background the processors and hardware consume a lot of it making it last just enough for a day of regular use and when used heavily for games, internet and videos it does not last until the evening.

Hyve Buzz had done awesome job with battery with introducing ‘True Battery Life’ concept, with a battery capacity of 2500mAh. You can easily spend a day with a full battery without any issue. Overall for battery, you don’t need a powerbank with Hyve smartphones.

✎Pricing and Availability

With a price tag of 11,999 Le 2 is one of the best smartphone to buy in with a budget of 15,000 INR. It had many high-end features with high quality made and one of the perfect mobile for heavy users. It is available to buy on Flipkart and LeEco website.
Hyve Buzz could be brought from Flipkart, Amazon and Hyve website for a price of 13,999 INR. Given its features and performance the price for the mobile is high compared to other mobiles in its category.


Out all the accepts it is pretty clear that LeEco Le 2 had done well against Hyve Buzz. Le 2 outperformed Buzz in many important regions like Performance, camera and Pricing where Buzz is worst performed and price of the mobile is high which doesn’t worth it. It is a tie between the mobile in Display, Design, Connectivity and Battery. Except Buzz had support for NFC but it does not have any real use for now. The only aspect where Buzz performed well is at software where it had a stock Android which is easy to use and Le 2 had a big stuffed version which mostly will not be used by many.

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