AnTuTu Benchmark
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Okay I know 10 people pronounce Antutu in 10 different ways  , although beside its pronunciation many people seem to not know what Antutu is for and how is it even useful . Well I’ll answer all those queries below so put on your Geek hats and keep reading.

Before we start we need to understand one thing completely what does Benchmark mean ?  as this word will be used repeptely in the following paragraphs

noun: benchmark; plural noun: benchmarks
1. a standard or point of reference against which things may be compared

Antutu is a application available both on IOS and Android for fee , what it is designed to do is similar to the yearly exams we have , it gives you a score based on your phone’s hardware capabilities ( CPU performance , Ram utilisation etc. ) , now you ask what is the use of this score ? Well like we get marks on our exam papers which are then used to compare us to other students , similarly as AnTuTu uses same algorithm to test all the phones the score it generates are comparable and give you a fair idea on as to how much better or how close your phone performs compared to the other one . For example if your device scores a total of 1,600 Points on AnTuTu Benchmark and your friends phone scores a 1,000 , you now know that your phone performs a bit better that the other device .

Now this application not only tests your overall score , but you can also use it to test some individual components like RAM , GPU ,COU , IO (Input/Output) – basically your phone’s internal storage .

RAM Benchmark 

During RAM (Random access memory ) is what determines how smoothly does your phone work , its capability to multitask etc.  this benchmark tells you how fast your RAM is .

GPU Benchmark 

Mobile phones are now replacing hand held consoles and for that title you need to be able to play 3D(Modern Combat ) or 2D(MiniMilitia) games smoothly , to be able to do that you need a powerful GPU (Graphic processing Unit ) , during its benchmark AnTuTu test the 2D and the 3D capabilities separately and gives the average FPS (Frames per second ) the higher the FPS the better GPU you have .

CPU Benchmark

A faster CPU (Central Processing Unit ) means faster opening of applications etc. CPU are very good at doing calculations , so this is what AnTuTu uses to judge how good a CPU is , example finding the value of Pi to a million decimal places , and then it measures the time taken to do that and then gives your CPU score.

IO Benchmark 

Well IO (as I told you its full form on top ) is simply your phone’s flash storage , the place where all your apps and OS (common you know what OS is right ? Operating System ?) are stored and installed , the faster your IO the better boot speed and the faster you can open you videos and application (IO also helps you to open your apps faster , the loading part is for the CPU ).

After all this geeky knowledge I would like to tell you something in the end , while benchmarks are perfect to compare , but can never be used ideally in real world , therefore the benchmarks are just numbers and don’t really impact the real world use as much as it seems .

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